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How Do Cashback Websites Work?

Cashback websites are becoming more popular with time because a lot of people are relying on these sites to buy items. Instead of going directly to a shop, you can access a retailer’s online store via a link from a cashback website. Then, after you’ve made a purchase through the website, you get a reward. As these sites are becoming popular with time, online stores, phone companies and even car insurance companies are affiliating themselves with cashback sites to increase their sales.

Cashback sites work in a similar way although they may vary on things like fees, how much money you will be paid as cashback and joining bonuses. However, reputable sites have a clear way on how they work to help their users use them with ease. To understand how cashback websites work, you need to register to one or more cashback sites, search for the product or service you are looking for and then pay for the same. After you’ve made the purchase through the retailer’s site from your cashback site, the retailer will send a commission to the site. You can get the proportion of the commission through your bank account or PayPal account depending on the method you used to make the purchase. With a reliable cashback account, all you need to do is log in and see the amount of money, rewards or bonuses you’ve accumulated over a given period of time. Although you might be getting a cashback of 2%, 5% or 10%, you can accumulate a lot especially if you shop more often.

There are other ways in which you can use your cashback website. This might vary from one website to another but they are legitimate ways through which cashback websites work:


  • Get your friends to sign up
    Cashback websites offer bonuses when you refer a friend to the site. Therefore, if you’ve signed up to a site and it has a referral bonus, you just need to understand the Terms and Conditions before you start referring your friends. You can be amazed by how much you can accumulate by just referring your friends or other family members.
  • Claim freebies
    Certain sites like Quidco and TopCashBack offers you an opportunity to make money for free. However, you will have to enter prize draws, complete surveys or get quotes from price comparison websites.
  • Withdraw funds as a gift card
    After you’ve joined a cashback website, you can withdraw the cashback you’ve earned into your PayPal or bank accounts. However, some sites only allow you to withdraw the cashback you’ve earned as a gift card to a preferred retailer. This means you can use the gift card to purchase products or pay for services from the retailer you’ve chosen.


Even though cashback sites have numerous benefits especially if you know how to use them, it is very important to research the site you want to sign up for. Be very cautious about cashback site fees because you might end up paying for a given amount of money to get a premium account. Finally, some websites require you to leave a cookie trail on your website in order to claim your cashback rewards. Therefore, you should not clear your browsing history to avoid losing your chances of getting your cashback rewards.

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